Fair Treatment of Customers

At Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada ("PLICC"), we are committed to following the fair treatment of customers principles prescribed by the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators, and Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations, and various provincial regulators. Towards that goal, PLICC strives to act in a good faith and ethical manner to ensure the fair treatment of our customers, including:

As part of our efforts to ensure the fair treatment of our customers, PLICC will work towards achieving various fair treatment of customers outcomes, including but not limited to:

  1. Governance and Business Culture
    PLICC is committed to continuously reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure that the fair treatment of our customers remains a core component of our governance and corporate culture and forms the basis for internal decisions.
  2. Protection of Personal Information
    PLICC takes the information security and privacy of our customers very seriously. PLICC's policies and procedures to safeguard our customers' personal information reflect best practices in this area and ensure compliance with the provisions of the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act or provincial privacy legislation, as applicable.
  3. Disclosure to Customer
    PLICC's policies and procedures require that our customers are given appropriate information in order to make an informed decision before entering into a contract.
  4. Advice
    PLICC is represented by an exclusive (captive) licensed life insurance sales force that is trained to be competent to and ensure that our customers are provided with sound advice and appropriate recommendations based on our customers' individual circumstances.
  5. Product Promotion
    PLICC is committed to product promotion that is accurate, clear, not misleading, and that is consistent with the results that our customers reasonably expect with our products.
  6. Conflicts of Interest
    PLICC is committed to ensuring that any perceived or potential conflicts of interest are managed appropriately. Existing systems and policies are designed to encourage full transparency and the disclosure of relevant information to our consumers.
  7. Claims Handling and Settlement
    As part of our commitment to excellence in customer service, PLICC ensures that claims are examined diligently and settled fairly.
  8. Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution
    Our Complaint Handling process is simple and made accessible to our customers through our Primerica Canada website. PLICC ensures that complaints are examined diligently and impartially.

Should you have any questions or require further information regarding Primerica's Fair Treatment of Customer policy, email us at plicc_cn@primerica.com.