Unclaimed Property for Residents of British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec

Certain provinces have enacted legislation that governs how unclaimed property is to be dealt with. Generally, unclaimed property legislation requires holders of unclaimed property to make reasonable efforts to locate the owners of unclaimed property so that the property can be returned to the owner. The specific provisions of Unclaimed Property Acts (or their equivalent legislation) in New Brunswick, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec can be found in the relevant legislation.

Primerica has established the Reasonable Efforts to Locate Owners of Unclaimed Property Policy, which sets out policies and procedures respecting what constitutes "reasonable efforts" to locate and notify owners of unclaimed property in British Columbia.

For our customers, what this means is that we have taken steps to comply with legislative requirements that are designed to identify and protect funds that have been deemed "unclaimed" by the terms of that legislation.

Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada and PFSL Investments Canada Ltd. maintain information to unclaimed property.

If you believe you have unclaimed property please call our customer service department at 1-800-387-7876 (for English) and 1-800-265-4804 (for French).